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Host A Lovely Fiftieth Anniversary Party For Your Parents

If your parents have been married fifty years they definitely deserve a celebration! Hosting a memorable party will be easier for you when you follow these steps.  

The Place – Choosing the location for your event is a good place to start. Of course, renting a banquet hall is a good option. However, having the party at your own home will not only save you money, but you will have the luxury of having plenty of time before hand to decorate.

The Invitations – Send out invitations early so that you’ll have better attendance. Give your parents plenty of time to come up with the guest list, too. A darling idea is to create your own invitations and then mail them in beautiful paper wine bags. Choose white and write the name and address in gold. Add gold confetti and gold curling ribbon to the bag to make the invitation even more special.  

The Decorations – You can continue with the wine bag theme.

  • Place the same kind of wine bag you used for your invitations in the middle of each table and have flowers and more curling ribbon coming out of the top. Sprinkle gold confetti around the centerpiece and place a different photograph of your parents on each table.
  • If you have a central buffet table, have an easel with a larger picture of your parents on their wedding day in the center.
  • Add two or three paper wine bags on either side of the easel, copying the same flower, curling ribbon and confetti effect that you did on the individual tables.

The Food – Whether you prepare the food yourself or whether you have the dinner catered, remember that simplicity can still equal elegance.

  • Consider having trays of fruit and cheese set out for guests to serve themselves before dinner. If you’re serving wine, it’s a good idea to have non-alcoholic bubbly for those who don’t drink alcohol. 
  • For the main dish, consider serving a delicious casserole accompanied by a green salad and crusty artisan bread. Another option that won’t break the bank is grilled chicken with a special sauce, rice, asparagus, and tiny rolls. Perhaps you could ask your mother for suggestions of your parent’s favorite meals.
  • Serve wedding cake for dessert! Don’t forget a congratulatory toast for your parents, perhaps inviting guests to add their own toast.
  • A great touch is to send each guest home with a paper wine bag full of wrapped candies. With colored curling ribbon, attach a little picture of your parents on their wedding day and a little note thanking your guests for participating in this special event.

Congratulations on planning a wonderful anniversary party for your parents.

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