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How To Decide If Clamshell Packaging Is Right For Your Product

Clamshell packaging is a special type of packaging that is made out of plastic. Its main feature is that it is hinged and subsequently sealed on all of the non-hinged sides. Once the customer frees the unhinged sides, the package can simply spring open. This type of plastic is difficult to open quickly if you are in a rush, which means that your product will not be easily stolen and that it will not pop open and allow your product to tumble to the floor. Ask yourself these questions to decide if clamshell packaging is right for your product.

1. Is My Item Likely To Be Stolen?

Retail stores have sensors attached to the case that a product is in, not the product itself. If you are worried that your product could be easily stolen, due to the fact that it is small or it is of high enough value that people would be willing to go to greater risks to steal it, then you will likely want to use clamshell packaging. This is because clamshell packaging requires scissors and at least five minutes to open, meaning that a potential thief will not be able to remove the packaging and the sensor it contains before leaving the store. The clamshell packaging can also make smaller items bigger and bulkier when they are first being sold.

2. Is My Product Fragile?

If your product is fragile, then clamshell packaging is the way to go. This is because clamshell packaging almost never fails, since the edges of the packaging are secured to the point where you need scissors to open them. Having a clamshell package means that you can fill that package with as much foam and other packing materials that you need to in order to make sure that your product reaches its final destination in one piece. Other packaging types don’t hold the packing material in as tightly and won’t be as reliable for fragile goods.

3. Will It Be More Effective For Customers To Be Able to See Your Product?

If you put a lot of time into designing a really cool product, chances are good that you will want your customers to see it. If you think that your product will be more enticing when it can be seen, then you will want to consider using clamshell packaging, which clearly shows your product to the public.

For more information, talk to a packaging company.