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Wedding Catering: 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas For Food And Drinks That Won’t Ruin Your Day

There are many things that must be planned when you decide to get married. You need to find the perfect dress and appoint your maid of honor. The groom needs to recruit his groomsmen. You both need to decide on the venue as well as the food and drinks for the wedding reception. The latter is where it can get difficult, especially after you’ve spent so much money on everything else. If you are on a bit of a budget for your wedding reception, here are a few ideas that won’t ruin your special day and won’t break the bank:  

1. Make Your Own Appetizers.

Although you may not want to take time to prepare the entire meal, particularly the main dish of the evening, you can make your own appetizers. Whether you do this yourself or your recruit the help of your bridal party, you can save a decent amount of money by doing. Search for quick and easy recipes that can be prepared ahead of time, frozen and then popped in the oven or microwave before cocktail hour (by someone else since you’ll be a little occupied).

2. Limit Liquor to a Single Signature Drink.

Most wedding receptions have alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine and liquor. Beer and wine are both cheaper options, and liquor can become quite costly. So, instead of just serving various types of liquor, why not talk to your spouse and come up with a single signature drink to serve? This will cut down on the liquor being used, which will, in turn, cut down on your costs. You can find something that neither of you have tried or use a favorite drink of yours as a couple.

3. Get Prices for Buffet, Plated and Station Meals.

These are three most popular ways to serve food at wedding receptions. Many think that the buffet will be the most expensive since guests can eat as much as they want, but this isn’t always true. Sometimes, opting for the buffet over a single plate meal can be cheaper. Station meals are something else to check out. It is similar to a buffet in that guests will be able to visit different “stations” to get their desired food. The difference is that the stations will all have their own designated type of food, such as tacos, pasta, carving, etc. Before making a decision, get quotes from several caterers on all three of these and go with the most affordable.

4. Opt for a Cupcake Cake.

Wedding cakes can be expensive. You can save a significant amount of money by opting for a cake made out of cupcakes. There are some really great bakers and designers out there that can create marvelous cupcake displays. In some cases, the cupcake display may outdo the wedding cake that you were once considering.

5. Consider Getting Hitched During the Day.

Evening dinners cost far more than breakfast and lunch. This is why many couples are deciding to take the plunge and tie the knot during the day. You can serve omelets and pancakes for breakfast or sandwiches, salad and soup for lunch.

Despite what you may have believed before reading this article, there are indeed ways you can save money on your wedding reception. Talk to a catering service in your area to find out what ideas that they have on saving money without sacrificing the quality of the food and the party.