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3 Presentation Ideas That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Catered Event

If you plan to host a catered event soon, but the cost of the event will come out of an already tight budget, it is important to consider the different ways that food can be presented. By choosing the right techniques and dining accessories to serve the food, you can save money without compromising the taste, quality or aesthetic appeal of your event.

Whether it is a Christmas party for the office or a Thanksgiving Day celebration for your family, catering an event makes it easier and less stressful for you. Saving money while doing so is even better.

#1-Choose Large Bowls Of Colorful Salad And Unique Vegetables For Each Table

The option of having plates of food prepared and handed out to each guest can increase your expenses significantly. In lieu of having each plate prepared and then transported to your guests, allow the guests to serve their own salad from the table or side items from the table. Less food is likely to be wasted, as few guests would opt for the eggplant or cucumbers if they did not like them and you will need fewer staff members to plate and serve the food.

#2-Don’t Serve Hors d’oeuvres, Simply Serve Hors d’oeuvre Portions Of Food

It can be easy to forget that hors d’oeuvres are simply smaller portions of food. Instead of having 500 individual crab puffs or cheese malls created, elect for the same amount of servings of a more common food item. Examples can include gourmet macaroni and cheese served in tiny, festive cups or vegetables that have been pre-cut into unique shapes and left on serving trays on the table. That way, you can opt for the smaller portions that hors d’oeuvres are associated with, but your budget will still benefit from the lower food cost and reduced preparation time.

#3-Choose The Size Of Plates Your Guests Use Very Carefully

Research has proven that the size of the plate used to eat from can impact how much food they consume and how satisfied people will be after eating. Although the research is geared primarily toward dieters, the same idea can help you keep the cost of food down. Ask your caterers to use 10 inch plates, instead of the more common 12 or 14 inch plates and serve less food. Few people are likely to notice the improvement.

In conclusion, it is easy to spend too much on a catered event. Fortunately, by changing the way that the food is provided to your guests, you can host a lovely catered event, without sacrificing the quality or appearance of your gathering.