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3 Healthy Nuts You Should Add To Your Diet

Nuts are one of nature’s healthiest foods. They are a healthy way to get heart-healthy fat and protein into your diet. It’s important to choose organic nuts. You should avoid generic “mixed nuts”. Besides the fact that they are not organic, they are also usually filled out with peanuts. Peanuts are not bad, but they are not as beneficial as some of the other nuts. The best way to purchase nuts is to buy a single type of nut and make sure it’s organic and non-salted. If you wish to add salt to your nuts, do it yourself and use a healthy organic salt. Many commercially salted nuts are also coated in low-grade vegetable oil so that the salt sticks. The oils are not heart healthy, so it’s best to add salt yourself.

Here are 3 healthy nuts you should add to your diet. 


Almonds are one of the most nutrient dense nuts. They have the most protein, fiber, and select vitamins (niacin and riboflavin) of any nut. In addition to being extremely nutritious, there is evidence that links almond consumption to a lowered risk of heart disease.

You can get raw or roasted almonds. Many people who get raw almonds find that they are a bit too hard. One solution is to soak them, as you might raw beans. Soaking the almonds in water overnight will saturate them with water. They increase in size and also get softer. This might be a solution for people who are afraid of chipping their teeth on hard, raw almonds. Proponents of the soak method also believe that the soaked almonds are easier to digest.


Walnuts are also healthy for your heart, but one special benefit they have is that they protect your brain. In particular, scientists have found that walnuts can help to prevent Alzheimer’s. There are substances in walnuts that prevent oxidative damage to your brain caused by a protein called amyloid beta.  In addition to preventing Alzheimer’s, there is evidence that it can also lead to less anxiety.

Raw walnuts are an excellent addition to mixed green salads. You can also add them to lentil dishes.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are incredibly rich in selenium. One nut contains 95mcg of selenium. The RDA for selenium is 55 mcg, and the max one should have is 400 mcg, so a few nuts will do.

Selenium is a vital mineral. However, because it is a trace mineral, many people are deficient. The side effects of being deficient in selenium can lead to thyroid problems, poor muscle strength, and general fatigue.

Even though Brazil nuts are delicious, don’t sit around and eat a whole lot. You will get too much selenium and can get nauseous. So limit yourself to a few nuts every day.