Burn Baby Burn: Learning to Grill Outdoors

About Jerry Sanders

One of my fondest memories has to do with my dad grilling all sorts of foods for us when the weather was warm. Every spring, he would uncover the grill and give it a thorough cleaning. The first weekend after that cleaning, we usually had relatives or friend over for the first round of outdoor cooking of the season.
While my dad stuck with the basics of preparing meat on our barbeque grill, I’ve gone a little more in depth with the process. Here and there, I’ve picked up recipes for grilling all sorts of vegetables, making pots of soup and stews, and even preparing some simple desserts. When my wife and I have people over for dinner, they find it hard to believe that every dish we serve was prepared on the grill.
Since you are reading this, I’m betting that you like to grill out yourself. At the very least, you are interested in the idea. Even if you have never fired up a grill in your life, stay with me and I’ll teach you the basics. Along the way, I’ll also share a few basic recipes that you can try on your own.
Keep in mind that learning to prepare food on a grill is like anything else. Your first efforts may or may not turn out the way you want. There is no shame in having things turn out less than perfect. As you get more comfortable with the general idea of grilling, those meats, vegetables, and even those desserts will consistently turn out great.