Burn Baby Burn: Learning to Grill Outdoors

Why Use a Barbeque Grill?

While your main reason to use a barbeque grill is the taste of the food, there are a few other benefits that come along with this approach. Chances are that grilling out is providing you with more health benefits than you realized. Learning more about those benefits will help you appreciate the art of grilling all the more.

You Get Outside

Many people spend much more time indoors than in generations past. Between work, home entertainment options, and in general more sedentary lives, you are likely not getting the exposure to fresh air and sunshine that you need.
While it is true that too much sunshine is bad for your skin, you do need some in order to allow your body to produce vitamin D3, an essential nutrient. Sunshine and fresh air also helps to invigorate the central nervous system and help to keep the blues away. Grilling out a couple times each week means you are outside a little more, and have the chance to do your mind and body some good.

Grilling and Fat

Another benefit you should consider is that grilling helps to reduce the amount of animal fat you ingest every day. As the meat cooks, the fat drips into the fire. That leaves you with food that tastes great and also happens to be healthier.
Along with reducing the natural fat content, grilling on a barbeque grill also means that you don’t have to use butter or oil to hold in the moisture. Grilling exposes the meat to temperature levels that help to quickly seal in moisture. That same effect also helps the meat to retain more of the nutrients found in the meat, especially when compared to cooking methods like frying.
What does this mean in the long run? You avoid taking in fats that could clog your arteries, and lead to high cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. That in turn reduces your risk of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack. While you still want to make healthy choices with the types of foods you grill, it’s nice to know this approach comes with some built-in benefits.